“He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches.”  – George Bernard Shaw

So many advisors and consultants understand the theory but have no hands on experience themselves.

Megaphone Marketing is different. Led by Huw Thomas, who has a long and successful background in business, we understand the challenges you face and completely understand your circumstances. So we’re in the ideal position to help.

We understand the “big picture” but we’re not generalist “jack of all trades”. All the members of our team are experts in their fields so we’re able to co-ordinate the overall strategy whilst using specialists to implement the key elements.

Our experience means that we will fully understand your business and are uniquely qualified to co-ordinate the people, tools, techniques and services required to deliver you maximum value and a substantial return on your investment.

Even better, you won’t pay any more than you would have done if you’d procured all the services separately, and you’ll save the hassle of planning and co-ordinating them yourself. That’s what we call a win win!